Eye Doctor For Maintaining Your Eye Health

Keeping your eyes healthy can be complicated. Time spent looking at digital screens, your genetic background, and even what you eat can affect not only your vision, but the overall health of your eyes over time. At Accent on Vision, we focus on keeping you seeing clearly,over the course of your life. Our comprehensive eye health care services focus on helping you gain the higher quality of life that comes from healthier eyes.

Factors in Your Eye Health

One of the first aspects of taking care of your eyes is to understand your family eye health history. If you have a family history of eye problems, your risk of developing similar problems is higher. You cannot change your genetics, but understanding this background helps us identify the sources of potential problems and direct our testing and care toward where you may need them most.

There are other factors that may be a bit more under your control. A healthy diet that includes high concentrations of fruits and vegetables can make a big difference in your health in general, and your eye health in particular. Similarly, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking will all benefit your eye health over time. We will work with you to address factors that you can change to improve the health of your eyes.

How We Can Help

Beyond aspects of your lifestyle, we use the best and most advanced techniques available to identify, address, and correct problems with your eye health. Our eye exams are truly comprehensive and designed to detect issues that can develop—or have developed—into problems for you. The more we can stay ahead of these problems, the more we can do to protect and preserve your visual acuity and your overall health.

Of course, you can’t prevent everything that can go wrong. We treat all of the major eye health problems that you might encounter, including but not limited to the following:

Our treatment plans are as thorough as the eye exam itself. Our mission is to help ensure your vision allows for the best quality of life. Contact us today so we can start taking care of your eye health needs.