Seriously – who writes reviews about doctors? This guy….starting now. Why? Because I hate doctors – I don’t go to doctors, I would rather fumble around sick, limping on a bad knee while squinting at a piece of paper, rather than deal with modern medicine to treat these ails. I visited these folks once before to get them to fix my glasses – no I didn’t buy them there, I was just driving by when a screw popped out. They didn’t ask, they didn’t hassle – they just fixed them for me kindly. Seemed a little weird to get treated so nicely in a doctor’s office. But, these folks are a little different. Monday, I called to get an appointment, hoping to get new glasses sometime before Balloon Fiesta, and GOT IN THE NEXT DAY – What? Who does that? They pulled my insurance stuff with ease. They saw me 5 minutes late (Sigh), but they apologized profusely over and over again because someone had called out that day. So bizarre – never met a doctor that ran that close to on time. And, never met a doctor that apologizes for much of anything. I suppose I could write more, but…it’s a doctor’s office. Go see them before you can’t see anything.” – Jeff M. (Yelp Review)

I was working long hours on the computer and I found myself having a hard time seeing the screen. I never thought I needed glasses. I made an appointment at Accent on Vision with Dr. Pulis. They got me in very quickly, the exam was quick but thorough. The doctor showed me the difference between my normal vision and a proscription. I bought glasses the same day and now I wear them all the time. Everyone at the office was friendly and professional. I didn’t wait long. The whole process was informative but I didn’t feel like I was being sold a product. I like that in a doctor’s office. Ultimately I chose to buy my glasses there and support a local business. I would recommend Accent on Vision to anyone that needs an eye exam from an office that is kind, informative, and professional at the same time.” – B Glanz (Google+)



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