Ashley K. | Office Manager and Optician

Need to update. Ashley is the other smiling face you will see in our optical. She is an optician with 6 years experience as both an optician and technician. She is also an excellent source of information for any questions you might have about frame or lens technology.

Annette S. | Optician

Annette, I need your bio!

Sarah R. | Contact Lens Technician

Sarah is a contact lens technician at AOV. She will make sure everything is taken care of at the end of your appointment and make sure to schedule any follow-ups as needed. She is an excellent source of information for any contact lens questions you might have.

Kelly M | Technician

Kelly is the lead technician at AOV. She is responsible for collecting all of the important pre-testing information before your exam with Dr. Tachau or Dr. Pulis. She also handles all of our co-management referrals for cataracts and Lasik. She is very good at making our patients feel comfortable before their exam.

Samantha P. | Patient Care Coordinator

Our newest Patient Care Coordinator, Samantha, is new to Optometric field. She is the friendly voice that will schedule your appointments and the bright smile that welcomes you to our office. Born and raised in Albuquerque, Samantha enjoys spending time with her longtime boyfriend and her Chihuahua, Zoey. Please feel free to contact her with any questions regarding your patient care needs.

Arbenly O | Patient Care Coordinator